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“Will the circle be unbroken
— AP Carter

My Grandad and Hero

Growing up living with my grandparents at a early age I saw two people that made sure I never had to experience some of the life’s hardships that they faced in life as they grow up in the mountains of Virginia and Tennessee , they sacrificed so much for our family. My grandfather served in the US Army and he had the biggest heart he would give you the shirt off of his back. At dinner time stories were always about his business ventures some that where successful and some that where complete failures, but he never gave up on himself or his dreams. Today, I stand in his footsteps with great honor to have had such a wonderful example of a grandfather & business owner. Hope I made you proud grandpa!

Bella Fashion Motto

Everyone women no matter her shape or size should be able to feel confident in her clothing. The right clothing is just like confidence you wear it everyday. Our looks are trendy and chic for every occasion in her life, that is the Bella Motto.